Picture of Nicholas Chen

Hello! I’m Nick.

I am a product engineer at Blecon, a startup connecting devices to the cloud using Bluetooth Low Energy.

At Blecon I am developing a new mobile network that combines Bluetooth’s low-power and low-cost, cellular’s streamlined user experience, and Wi-Fi’s ease of deploying additional coverage. It’s a good fit for the things I am passionate about: computer systems, embedded hardware, and usability.

I started off as a computer scientist researching topics in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). But, I discovered I also enjoyed getting right the non-technical elements that are necessary to build a successful product. I’ve enjoyed working at startups the last few years because I get to solve technical, business and customer problems all at once.

Previously, I worked at Riverlane building out infrastructure for controlling quantum computers, and Microsoft on a variety of projects including the Azure Sphere IoT security solution, voice and ink document annotation systems, network switches that reconfigure the network topology, and new kinds of interactive displays.