Hi! I’m Nicholas.

I am a product manager at Riverlane creating platforms for the quantum computers of today and tomorrow.

At Riverlane I work on Deltaflow.OS, the foundational software that will enable error-corrected quantum computers. My main focus is currently on software tools that will automate the laborious process of bringing up and determining optimal operating parameters of quantum computing hardware. Automation is crucial to enabling quantum computers to scale up to larger numbers of high performing qubits.

My background is in classical computer science. I specialized in Human-Computer Interaction, Electronics, and Interaction Design. The thing I like best about working on quantum computing is the wide variety of people who are involved in the effort to make it a reality. I work alongside mathematicians, physicists, product designers, digital design engineers, and other computer scientists.

Previously, I worked at Microsoft on a variety of projects including taking Microsoft Azure Sphere from research to product, protoyping annotation systems that mix voice and ink, network switches that reconfigure the network topology, and new kinds of interactive displays.

If you have an interest in product management, hardware, or quantum computing please do not hesitate to connect!